How Can We Apply Keratin Care at Home?

How Can We Apply Keratin Care at Home?

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With the keratin packs you can buy on the internet, you can do keratin care for your hair at home. So, what are the steps of keratin care at home?
1. Before applying it, you should wash your hair two times with shampoo and hot water.
2. Apply the keratin serum to your hair with a brush or spray. Wait for 15 minutes. You can apply this before sleeping and wait your hair until you get up in the morning.
3. Rinse your hair without any shampoo. Dry it a little with a towel.
4. Start applying keratin from your scalp to your hair ends. You can do this process with a thin hair brush.
5. Wait your hair for 20 minutes. Dry your hair with a hair dryer without washing it. Do not use hair dryer closer to your hair.


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