How do you know if you’re shedding too much hair?

How do you know if you’re shedding too much hair?

How do you know if you’re going to shed too much hair? Everyone’s experience was different from shedding – the volume you shed could be entirely different from anyone else’s. Don’t be alarmed or think that you might be doing something wrong just because the amount that comes out is more than that of others. Keep in mind that every situation is unique.

There is a difference between breakage and shedding. Shedding is a natural thing. Your hair is going to go through this hair loss process every day. You’ve lost strands every single day, of course. On average, most of us have lost up to 100 to 200 strands a day. You can shed more if you’re always stressed out or have a health problem. It’s up to your situation.

Okay, here’s the main difference between natural hair loss and hair loss. Usually, when you shed your hair, it comes out in long, full strands, because it breaks out of the root. The process is different when the hair breaks.

How do you determine if your hair is breaking or shedding?

Usually, with the breakage, the hair is in shorter pieces. It’s not going to be the actual length of your entire line. One way to find out if your hair is breaking or shedding is by looking at the very end of a line. Pick the line up against the light and check the end of it, if there’s a bulb at the end that’s opaque and white, then you’re going to shed because it came out of the root. If it doesn’t have a bulb, it’s breakage. Your hair breaks when you don’t care about it properly. Lack of moisture and harmful hair practices can cause damage – for example, combing too much, using too much protein, and mistreatment. There are many ways for one to mistreat one’s hair.