How Can You Understand Your Hair Being Worn and Broken?

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Most of the time, we do not take proper care of our hair. We notice this when our hair starts to wear out. What if we don’t notice? Here are the symptoms that show your hair is wearing out.
• Your hair ends look unhealthy and curled. You can learn from your hair tips that your hair has started to break.
• If your hair is curly, your curls will look lifeless and dull.
• If it takes longer than usual to open tangled strands while combing your hair, it means your hair needs urgent care.
• If your hair strands are dry and your scalp hurts easily, your hair has started to weaken and fall out.
• If some of your hair’s strands are shorter than others, your hair has begun to break.
• If too much hair is accumulated on your comb after the bath, your scalp has started to dry.

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