How Can You Protect Your Hair From Chlorine?

How Can You Protect Your Hair From Chlorine?

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Especially in the summer season, we like to go to the pool. We both cool off and relax in the pool. But of course, we need to pay attention to our hair while resting. Chlorine is a very effective disinfectant. But since it contains a lot of chemicals, it dries your hair too much. That’s why we have some advice for protecting your hair before entering the pool.

• Wear a bone when entering the pool.
• If you don’t like wearing bones, you can apply hair care oil to your hair before entering the pool. All you have to do is apply an oil such as argan oil, coconut oil, or olive oil to your hair.
• Since your hair will dry in the pool, make sure to moisten your hair before the pool. For this, you can use hair moisturizing creams.

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