Have Hou Heard About Cassia Cure Before?

Have Hou Heard About Cassia Cure Before?

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Now we will share a cure that many women have tried and succeeded in hair extension. Perhaps most of you will hear this cure for the first time, but once you try it, we are sure that you will tell everyone and use it constantly. Thanks to the cure of cassia, your hair will grow a minimum of 4 cm in 1 month. So how is the cure prepared for cassia?
First, boil 1 cup of cassia in a tea glass of water. Then let it cool and add a lid of almond oil and a bemix capsule. Apply by massaging the scalp and wait for 4-5 hours. If you apply a bone or pouch to your hair, you will increase the effect of this cure. You need to apply cassia cure once a week for 8 weeks. Then, you should rest for 2 weeks and start again.


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