Girl Who Creates Madness With Hair Designs

Girl Who Creates Madness With Hair Designs

Creativity is the best thing that gives shape to fashion. This creativity was firstly applied to dresses and make-ups. Nowadays, hairstyles are the things that creativists ay attention to. You may seen many different hairstyles on the internet. But, this girl has made such hairstyles, that you won’t believe that they are made of hair. This girl shares its works on Instagram. Her nickname is ‘KY’. You can find it on the Innstagram and see different works of her. Let’s look on some of her works.

ky braids

KY, who is a fashion designer at the same time, has a large audience of followers with these hair designs.This woman, who makes her hair design like a sculpture design, brings these designs to the living constellation that lives. It is really not possible to be surprised by the designs of her. Hair is almost dancing with these designs.

ky braids 6

She has a great ability to carry everything from the mind to the hair. She is an artist who speaks with his hair without using words! Her colorful designs look great. She adds some accessories or some extra hair to her designs, or just with the natural hair makes gorgeous designs. We really look at the photos and don’t really understand how is she doing it.

ky braids 2

As you see, what she makes with her hands, she designs it to her hair. She can design every hand gestures she is doing. There are many other photos on her Instagram page. Don’t forget to search about her.