Four Looks That’ll Make You Want Red Box Braids/Twists

Four Looks That’ll Make You Want Red Box Braids/Twists

@Rebecca Sinai Hello guys 😊 I copied this hair stlye on 1 of the groups hw du I look ???
These are morning candy :) Do you think these cuties are so sweet?
This shid is painful😂🤣🤣😂
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Beautiful baby

Regardless of whether love is in the air, or if you just want to tune in to something fiery, red hair is always a good way to warm things up, and with the help of the braids in the boxes, your color choice does not have to be permanent! Like any other color, red box braids have nuances – they come in different shades. So, we have collected several shades of red to tickle your imagination.

Fantasy red
Beautify this vibrant shade if you really want to stand out and make yourself known.


bright red thin box braids

Or should we just say burgundy? This deep romantic shade is a fun shade to match your lipstick.

burgandy twists thick

Auburn Red
This shade is a little closer to brown, so it is a bit more subtle.

red box braids high ponytails

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Matte Red
Using a weird texture such as gauze will give them a dull look, making the vibrant color a little less “shiny.”
red box braids marley


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