Cute Box Braids With Big Half Buns

Cute Box Braids With Big Half Buns

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these braids are cute and a perfect size

Box braiding was actually the first confrontation in the 90’s. This style, which is also very popular in those years, has returned to the world of hair trends by 2018. The box braids are made up of small braids. You can also get stylish hair models such as knobs, horse tails, and cornrow blades. Once you’ve braided all of your hair, you can give your hair a half bun shape and make a nape ball or try a tight horse tail model. For the upcoming spring / summer season cornrow braids are waiting for you. If you want to choose energetic and assertive hair models in warm weather, box braids are exactly for you. Particularly the half-bun hair style combines with a box braids to make a full spring hair!

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