Correct Hair Washing Techniques for Long Hair Lovers

Correct Hair Washing Techniques for Long Hair Lovers

Washing our hair correctly is as important as taking care of it. Starting from the temperature of the water, the products you use, and even the way you dry your hair is important for your hair.

Here are hair washing techniques for long hair lovers:

-First of all, you need to make a nourishing mask for your hair. You may not do this before every shower. But it is very important to nourish your hair regularly.

-It is very important that you apply your shampoo correctly. Sebum residues accumulated on the scalp accumulate in the hair follicles. This causes your hair to weaken. While washing your hair, you should get rid of these residues by gently massaging your scalp.

-You should definitely apply the conditioner after shampooing. Combing tangled hair is a hassle, especially if you have long hair, and it causes your hair to fall out.