Choosing The Right Comb And Brush For Hair Care

Choosing The Right Comb And Brush For Hair Care

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Combing hair is not as simple as it seems. While combing our hair, we distribute the natural oil produced on the scalp all over our hair, so that our hair becomes stronger against external factors. In this case, it is very important to choose the right comb and brush for our hair.
If you have voluminous hair, combing it with a wooden brush, stiff bristle and a wide range of thick brush will make your hair more fluffy.
If you have curly and fluffy hair, you can choose a wide range of wood or plastic combs instead of a brush.
If you have straight hair type, you can use wooden hair comb which doesn’t let your hair be electrified.
Thick hair typed women can choose a brush that is as wide and long as possible, while combing your hair, so that the brush can reach all parts of the hair.


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