Can We Use Gel to Shape Curly Hair?

Can We Use Gel to Shape Curly Hair?

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Hair gel is a product frequently used by both men and women. People have different thoughts on this subject. Some say gels do damage to hair, others say no damage. For this reason, we wanted to inform you about this by getting ideas from experts.

The outer part of the hair is dead, so it doesn’t hurt when your hair is cut. The gels you apply on the outer part of the hairdo not shed your hair, but if you apply it to the skin, it may stick to your scalp. Hair gels do not cause hair loss. But if you can not rinse your hair correctly and keep it on your hair for a long time, it will stick to your hair after a while.

When choosing hair gel, be sure to read the ingredients it contains. We recommend using hair gels that contain natural products. You should not especially prefer gels containing silicone.



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