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This actually a huge collection of box braids or the poetic justice braids for the African American black women. Enjoy......

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We have already said how sexy Ghanaian women are. Because, while achieving this, they know that they have dozens of options for choosing great hairsty [...]
Aren't your hair your most important and valued accessories? We believe in that. That's why we try to support you with great Ghana Braids hair designs [...]
10 totally different tremendous cute methods to fashion your hair to make your twist out last more. Even in case you run right into a fail twist out, [...]
What do field braids, cornrows, micro braids and each different braided variation have in widespread? Moreover the truth that they require little cons [...]
This is officially the first post on hairstyles from fashionfetchup, as usual we bring the most positively commented pictures of a category (this time [...]
Should you’ve been on the lookout for a brand new option to replace your braided locks, the triangle braids would be the answer! These add a distincti [...]
Your hair deserves to be something however boring. Take your cornrows to goddess heights with versatile Lemonade braids. What do cornrows and Lemonade [...]
Gone are the times when everybody’s braids appears the identical. These days, there are such a lot of forms of field braids popping up in all places, [...]
Are you on the lookout for an attractive braided look? Then look no additional than these sizzling types.Braids are a good way to model your hair [...]
Pinterest is packed full of braids like the milkmaid, fishtail, and even some mermaid types. But none or more popular than the cornrow braid. It’s the [...]
Legendary actress Bo Derek is the one that truly made Fulani braids well-known. For those who’re unsure who that's, then absolutely who Alicia Keys is [...]
lack lady magic is all of the pattern these days with Lupita Nyong’o, Solange and the venerable Ms. Janet Jackson rocking the tribal braids with absol [...]
The all-natural black hair type – the pure look is when ladies cease kicking again there hair and start making use of pure merchandise which might be [...]
Selecting a brand new black braided coiffure just isn't straightforward! There are such a lot of colours, braid lengths and kinds out there. We're rig [...]
Are you in search of an attractive braided look? Then look no additional than these scorching kinds.Braids are an effective way to type your hair [...]
The all-natural black coiffure – the pure look is when ladies give up unwinding there hair and start utilizing all-natural merchandise which might be [...]
There are many black hairstyles to pick from on this day and likewise age. These choices encompass black hair weave designs, knotted hairstyles, all-n [...]
There are many black hairstyles to select from on this day in addition to age. These choices embrace black hair weave designs, knotted hairstyles, pur [...]
There are many black hairstyles to choose from on this day and in addition age. These selections embrace black hair weave types, braided hairstyles, p [...]
Black Braided Hair Types – Among the many main black coiffure knotted designs must be within the high 10. Braiding is described as an interweave of th [...]
The all-natural black hair design – the all-natural look is when females stop kicking again there hair in addition to begin utilizing all-natural obje [...]
Yet one more type of entwining is Micro entwining. Micro pigtails are smaller in nature than routine pigtail. The braids are carried out with a tiny o [...]
The pure black hair design – the pure look is when girls give up loosening up there hair in addition to start utilizing pure gadgets which might be ch [...]
Enough of the Ghana weaving trend. It is not like it is stale but we just want a change. I have noticed that weaving hairstyles are common among the w [...]
If you are looking to add a bit of spice to your braids you can add colorful yarn, rings, or even puka shells….. the creativity is endless. Check out [...]
Curly hair is cool, stylish and stylish! And imagine it or not, there are many hairstyles to contemplate to your voluminous locks. Crochet braids for [...]
Braid Hairstyles are nice for altering types. Braids, conrows, twist. Change your look and provides your self a brand new lookEarlier than we si [...]
It’s an annoying factor to styling your hair in the course of summer time warmth as an alternative of getting time on the pool together with your best [...]
In the event you’re not sufficiently old to have heard of actress Bo Derek, you’re most likely at the very least sufficiently old to know who singer-s [...]
No doubt that the short hair has unique enchantments which attract many women, as it gives confidence, courage and a sense of freedom. And some women [...]
The last hairstyle we have to show you is trendy and edgy. For this look the hair on the head features a pattern with thin and thick braids. All of th [...]
BOLD BRAIDED BUN IDEA Then then check out this hair idea. This braided bun is styled high with loose side braids. The braids are also a vibrant blue [...]
Next, we have an easy to wear bun. It is simply gorgeous and looks effortlessly stylish. The braided pattern features thin braids and the bun is style [...]
This next hair idea is one of our favorites! Here we have a beautiful braided bun that is styled low at the the nape of the neck. What really makes th [...]
If you love the blonde hairstyles, then you need to see this next hair idea. This hairstyle features thin braids with a stylish pattern. The braids on [...]
We love this next hairstyle! Here we have two cute braided buns instead of one. There is a stylish braided pattern on the head with two high buns. A h [...]
Another way to make your braids look unique is with triangle parts. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next idea. This hairstyle features [...]
You can jazz up the simplest of styles by adding color and this next hairstyle is the perfect example. Here we have a feed in bun. What makes this hai [...]
Next, we have a beautiful braided bun with two loose braids at the sides. The hair on the head features a simple and very gorgeous pattern and the bun [...]
This next hairstyle is a little different from the rest. The hair is sleek with bangs. There is a beautiful twisted bun and there are only braids at t [...]
Want a hairstyle that will wow? Then check out this bun. For this look the hair is braided into a neat and sleek pattern on the head. Then the hair is [...]
Next, we have another braided look with a bold color. Here we have a jumbo braid bun with loose side braids. Some of the braids are also colored in an [...]
If you like to wear stylish braid patterns, then this next look is perfect. The hair on the head is braided into a wave pattern and then the hair [...]
Looking for a hairstyle that will make you look like a Queen? Then this hair idea is for you. This braided bun is styled high and there are no trendy [...]
This next hair idea is another one of our favorites. For this look the hair is braided into a trendy zig zag pattern and then the braids are styled in [...]
Give your hair a trendy and glam makeover with a hairstyle like this one. Here we have a sky high braided bun with loose curls and a stylish braided p [...]
Next, we have a statement making bun. The hair is beautifully braided and the braids are styled into a high bun. Some of the braids are also a dark bl [...]
If you want to completely transform your hair and try a trendy new look, then this could be perfect. The hair at the sides is shaved with a stylish pa [...]
This next hairstyle is one of our favorites. For this look hair on the head is sleek and swept back with a braid in the center. There is also a high b [...]
Looking for a hairstyle that easy to wear and stylish? Then this could be just what you need. Here we have a beautiful braided bun that is styled high [...]
Need a glam hairstyle? Maybe you have a special occasion coming up? If so, this hair idea could be perfect for you. Here we have a stunning braide [...]
Next, we have a beautiful high bun that was created with blonde braids. We love the blonde because it really makes the bun stand out. A bun like this [...]
First up we have this braided bun with beads. The bun is styled high with two braids at the back and there are braids in the actual bun too. There is [...]
Hello Ladies Check out 10+beautiful and Amazing pictures of Cornrow braided hairstyles to try out.Scroll down here and see them..Let’s be honest a [...]
This is a great quick style for blow-dried natural hair. Simply secure the hair in a low pony puff and create a simple design with light-colored bobby [...]
The side puff is a gorgeous option for short and medium length natural hair. There’s just something about a making the puff off-center that makes it l [...]
This is a gorgeous style to recreate on stretched or straightened natural hair of any length. Those with shorter hair can add braiding hair for length [...]
This curly frohawk is a great quick style for short natural hair. Start with a wash and go (it can even be an old wash and go), part the hair along th [...]
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