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Braids are quite common nowadays. It seems like braided hairstyles are rarely out of fashion because of their beauty, elegance, and ease. Having a bra [...]
Okay Naturals, we practically wouldn't be searching for you ladies if we didn't post on various hairstyles to make your twist out the last one longer. [...]
One of the most fashionable hairstyles for women is a braided ponytail. A ponytail is easy to wear, still looks trendy, low maintenance, and these upd [...]
Is there something as sleek or as trendy as a timeless twist? There are various types of lemonade box braids in the album lemonade, and singer Beyoncé [...]
There were also lace hairstyles going. But because of some innovative stylists, they've been reinvented with a whole new style! If you're a black woma [...]
University is the place of a new life totally. New living place, a new school, and new friends.Maybe it's the place where you'll find the love of [...]
Your braids can stand on your hair for a long time.This, in turn, causes your hair to dry and become dull from sunlight and dust. Therefore, do no [...]
You'll pick whatever color you like when picking beads for your braids.We've discovered the best ponytail braids 2020 for natural hair. So far, th [...]
It's time to style your simple hairstyles and customize them.Now it is necessary to change and freshen the air. Put aside your hairstyles before a [...]
We would like to share with you misinformation known as correct in hair care.While we are bathing, we foam our hair abundantly and the more we foa [...]
Switch up trendy with sassy, short-weave hairstyles. With infinite options available in terms of range, width, texture and design, you'll be distracte [...]
Ghana braided hairstyles have been popular for a while now. The highly common hairstyle is favoured by people with a sassy sense of style or those loo [...]
Ghana braids, like other braids, are known by a variety of other names, including Cherokee corn flies, pencil horn flies, translucent corn flies, and [...]
Are you hunting for your new hairstyle? Look at the braid! Easy hairdo with little care, braids will hold your hair out of your face and make you look [...]
How do you know if you're going to shed too much hair? Everyone's experience was different from shedding – the volume you shed could be entirely diffe [...]
We combined vitamin supplements with oil care for more prominent and moist hair and we prepared an easy recipe for you. Avocado is rich in antioxidant [...]
The braids of the Goddess are a glamorous feminine way to wear ethnic women's heads. As other woven types, some coifs can remain unchanged for weeks, [...]
There is enough of an amazing variant of the bob cut on any black woman. Specific kinds of bob hair are perfect for showcasing your skin. There are so [...]
Black braided updos are a classic go-to for busy days. African hair can be a challenge to maintain and take care of, but braids cut down styling time [...]
Trending Ghana Weaving 2020: Beautiful Braiding Hairstyle Trends You have not Tried.Hi ladies, For Today, Here are some an awesome simple Braids i [...]
Have you decided to dye your hair yourself? Then we recommend you to read our article that will help you find the most suitable dye for your hair.[...]
Ghana braids are a popular protection design for natural hair and curly hair, also widely known as cornrows, direct-backs or banana trimmings.The [...]
The fact that our hair does not grow fast indicates that they do not get enough nutrients and are unhealthy. Unfortunately, we cause our hair to be un [...]
One of the great things about your home at present is that you can spend too much time checking your makeup, whether it is constantly feeding deep oil [...]
Weaving hairstyles in Ghana in 2020. Hello, you think you need different hairstyles, but Ghana Weaving Hairstyles can save your time as they last for [...]
When you're looking for a fresh new trend this season that's easy to keep, then why not try the Ghana braid hairstyle. These braids are growing in com [...]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm_JYO9mdoA&feature=emb_titleGhana braids, also known as banana cornrows, are created by the use of hair o [...]
Ghana Braids are an African type with crown row braids that go straight back. These are also known as Cherokee braids, translucent cornrows, banana br [...]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHuTO64MrSE&feature=emb_titleThere is no question that short hair has special enchantments that draw many wome [...]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeyqjtO9-Ng&feature=emb_titleBob's hairstyles are an example of beauty and trendy. This is the word of femininity, [...]
When we say garlic, you can think of a bad smell, and you might be surprised to see that such a product is used for hair care. But garlic is a substan [...]
Ghana braids, like other braids, are known by a variety of other names, including Cherokee corn flies, pencil corn flies, translucent corn flies [...]
Ghana braids, also known as banana corn flies, use extensions that reach the neck. Begin with the development of cornrow braids. When you go along, yo [...]
PHOTO COURTESY OF @NATURALLYTEMI  It's a central part of daily life adjusting to environmental changes. We have to change our hair care st [...]
Who didn't dream of a long hair cranny? This is not shocking at the moment that these hairstyles are trending. There's no limit to the looking you ca [...]
Medium-length hair is having a moment, also known as mid-long hair. Beloved by trend editors and musicians, it's the dream look, not too long. General [...]
 Today's top women have everything. They are creative, confident, and incredible. These women prove that you can succeed in style, [...]
If it comes to flawless skin, words like "dewy," "smooth," "hydrated," and "youth-looking" all come to mind — but "warm" and "flaky?" "Not that much o [...]
Women with naturally curly hair know how difficult it is to grow their hair long and healthy. Here, we share hair experts' top tips and secrets for lo [...]
For the new and most common hair styles for black women, including bobs, pixie cuts, straight and curly hair for short hair, long and shoulder-length [...]
Women have a variety of hairdos and models – it's almost infinite! That is why it can be very satisfying to choose the perfect hairstyle. The pleasur [...]
Only in time for fall, red hair shades are coming back to life! The fiery shades of red hair are thrilling, while the more subdued red hair shades bea [...]
Cornrows – known as cancerous in the Caribbean – are one of the most popular styles for Afro hair. These raised braids are created by means of the und [...]
Perfecting your natural hair routine is something that may take months to achieve, if not years. Particularly when you just start embracing your natur [...]
Have a look at these chic black woman bob hairstyles to see how rainbow shades are used in traditional common hairstyles. Asymmetrical boobs make perf [...]
Goddess trunks are a glamorous and feminine way to represent immigrant women. Many Goddess coifs can stay alive for weeks, like many spinning models, [...]
You can see how extremely fashionable they are by looking at the black ladies' hairstyles. And that's how you like short forms in a dress. They argue [...]
Recently I've learned more about the benefits of rice water for hair. Is it helpful really? If yes, how do I use my hair with rice water? Tnx!-Tnx! R [...]
1. Get trims sometimes – yeah, really. This might sound counterintuitive, but you have to have daily cuts if you want long hair, which is really [...]
That is why it is so late this year, Thanksgiving.Advanced preparation will save you time and a lot of hassle, whether you are host to the largest [...]
Has coronavirus altered celebrity fashion? When reality slowly shifts to the half-normal, we remind ourselves what fashionistas and popular people hav [...]
Without big chop, how can I go natural? You may have wanted to make a natural hair cut, but other naturalists have managed to transform into natural h [...]
Fast note: this large collection is revised regularly with the Ankara short designs.Ankara Dresses are often a way to convey your fashion choices [...]
Do you look for lovely shots of African braids? In this article, you can find the best variants of African braids online.Africa has so many tongue [...]
Hi girls, today, we offer you wonderful thoughts that make you stand out from the spinning of Ghana woven hairstyles. This is Ghana 's stunning set of [...]
You've already heard of Rice Water and the effects it has on your hair and you want to try it out but you still have too many questions. In this arti [...]
Making detox is important for hair health. If we spend most of our time outside, we cannot even imagine how much our hair gets dirty. Therefore, we mu [...]
There are such a lot of alternative ways you may rock black braided hair. Yarn braids are a very gorgeous thought of a coiffure that focuses on the di [...]
When you've got kinky, curly hair and rock your pure texture, you probably take care of curl shrinkage. Whereas the consequences is probably not as no [...]
Drying of hair is a problem that many women try to deal with today. Dry hair brings with it many hair problems. The worst of these is hair loss. If yo [...]
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