70 Medium Box Braids Style Ideas Trending Now

70 Medium Box Braids Style Ideas Trending Now

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Medium box braid is just the right kind of hairstyle you need if you want to take a break from your natural hair, it serves as a defensive styling to keep your hair under wrap breakage, and it can be a great option if you’re in transition.

Medium box braids are the most common type of box braid, and that’s because most women think it’s more fashionable and you can spend fewer hours in the lounge compared to making goddess or jumbo braids.

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It’s also one of the most iconic textured hair braids. Celebrities and every other woman are fascinated with an iconic box braid as it’s just ideal for all sorts of occasions, from fun hair extensions to all kinds of lengths and accessories.

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Medium box braids will bring more fun to your look, and all you need is a different shape. Medium box braid is the best option for rocking a protective look while incorporating a number of lengths.


When it comes to medium box braids, you can’t get bored with too many styles to choose from. Everyone loves box braids as it gives you the chance to rock a flexible hairstyle, there’s a large, small and medium box braid to pick from, and if you’re on a budget, here’s 70 medium box braids trendy ideas right now.


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Using brown braid attachment is a traditional type of hair color box braid and this is due to its calm and exquisite appearance, this medium box braid above provides the advantages of low maintenance and can be stylized in a number of awesome ways.

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Medium box braid is currently the most common type of braid to build a sleek and gorgeous look, it can be stylized in a number of awesome ways. Medium box braids can secure your natural hair which provides the advantages of low maintenance and offer you an outstanding chance to stretch your length as well. We hope you’ve chosen your favorite medium box braid look from the above list.