60 Fabulous Styles For Goddess Braids

60 Fabulous Styles For Goddess Braids

When you hear about the name ”Goddess” you may think that these types of hairs are that type that is made for some special events or special person. Many of you may never try the goddess’s hairs, but, when you’ll see these models, you will try at least one of them.

#1: Curved Chunky Braids

creative braided hairstyle with goddess braids

Making braid is an art. It’s art is best shown on this photo.

#2: Oversized Side Braid

It is a type of braid that starts as a thick braid and ends up a thin one. It stays very pretty especially on ladies with hair highlights.

side braid hairstyle for African American women

#3: High Braided Ponytail

You make some braids on your head, then you connect them as a ponytail on the top of your head.

ponytail from goddess braids

Instagram / @mzpritea

#4: Fashion Forward Bun

A very modern style especially for women who work. The braid starts from your neck and ends on the forehead.

braided burgundy updo for black women

#5: Low Braided ‘Do

A style that can be made to long hair women. This braid starts from the upper part of your head and ends up on your neck as a bun.

goddess braids updo with a low braided bun

#6: Thick Goddess Bun

A style that is ideal for bridal hair.

braided bun updo for black women

Instagram / @mzpritea

#7: Curly Style with Highlights

Another braid that is suitable for bridal hair. It is a combination of braids.

black curly updo with goddess braids

#8: Long Tumbling Cornrows

This braid looks as beautiful as your hair length is long. It is a classic style.

long goddess braids for black women

#9: X Marks the Spot

A different but hard style to do. It will make you look different in an ambiance.

updo with criss crossed goddess braids

#10: Massive Halo Braid

A very pretty braid style for young ladies.

crown braid updo

#11: Sleek and Intricate Updo

It can be made on short hairs but your hair must be very thick.

mohawk braid and low braided bun updo

#12: Diagonal Design

If you want to try a style for a special night, try this braid.

black bun updo with goddess braids

Instagram/ @kersti.pitre

#13: Crowned Style

It gives the meaning of the goddess’s hair name.

asymmetrical updo with goddess braids

#14: Neat Braided Updo

A big bun of the hair made from a section of a hair braid.

braided updo for black women

#15: Goddess Pigtails

A combination of cornrows will make you look pretty.

long black pigtail braids

#16: Upswept Braided Style

A style for thick hairs. Made from 4 or 5 braids.

formal chunky bun updo with goddess braids

#17: Super Simple Braid

A very simple braid style that ends as a curly hair.

headband braid and a curly pony black hairstyle

#18: Sporty Side Braids

A combination of very thin and very thick braids.. It starts from the left, ends on the right part.

asymmetrical hairstyle with thin and thick goddess braids

#19: Mohawk Inspired Style

It is a special style with a special name. Highlights give a shining to this style.

long mohawk braid with undercuts

#20: Shiny Snake Braids

Its name is because of its looks like a snake.

thin and thick goddess braids

#21: Urban Chic Braids

Using some accessories on your braids will make your hair look more beautiful.

Big And Small Goddess Braid With Beads

Instagram / @steph_odia

#22: Crown Braids

Two types of braids which are made very strong sometimes may cause little pain.

Black Centre-Parted Crown Braid Updo

Instagram / @marlyshairbraiding

#23: Modern Goddess Updo

A very modern style ending up as curly hair.

Goddess Braids With Curls Updo

Instagram / @thehairqueen

#24: Underbraids with Bun

A good idea for thin hair styles. You can add some hair to this style.

Low Bun With Goddess Braids

Instagram / @tiffanyyyy_j

#25: High Ponytail Braids

A moderns ponytail braid made by combinations of colors.

Light Brown Goddess Braids

Instagram / @queenveehair

#26: The Corset Feed Trend

This braid is completed with blue and gold accessories.

Corset Goddess Braids

Instagram / @phivestarhair

#27: Two Braided Buns

A star wars style which will make you the prettiest girl ever.Black Braided Pigtail Buns

Instagram / @steph_odia

#28: Thickness Variation

The mix of the thick and thin braids and a very daily style.

multiple goddess braids hairstyle

#29: Side-Swept Braids

A casual look for women who colored their hair.

Blonde Side Goddess Braids

Instagram / @hair_maniac89

#30: Long Red Angled Braids

a pigtail braid which starts as a zigzag style.

Two Red Goddess Braids With Zigzag Part

Instagram / @queenveehair

#31: Twist-Up Bun

A tricky style for teenager ladies.

High Chunky Bun With Goddess Braids

Instagram / @art_of_beautification

#32: The Star Braid

A professional braid made as an art. It looks like a star.

Black Headband Braid With Small Braids

Instagram / @tiff_styles

#33: Goddess Ombre Braids

Every time, highlights give a different look even to classic braids.

Black To Silver Goddess Braids

Instagram / @bluehairguru

#34: Inverted Braided Updo

An updo braid style which is a very modern type of braid. A good choice for a night date…

Goddess Braids Updo With A Side Forehead Bun

Instagram / @creationsbyshay

#35: Top Knot

A different style that looks like a ballerina hair bun.

Bun Updo For Goddess Braids

Instagram / @luscioushairbraiding

#36: Small and Big Braids

Small goddess braids look so gorgeous with big ones. Try this style if you want to shine.

Three Goddess Braids

Instagram / @jlowedabraider

#37: Crossed Braids

As its name, it ends up as crossed tails.

Two Asymmetrical Goddess Braids

Instagram / @beautifullydefinedhair

#38: Low Buns Style

A braid with accessories which ends up as two buns.

Big Diagonal Goddess Braids

Instagram / @marlyshairbraiding

#39: Snake Braid

A jumbo braid that goes as a snake to your neck.

Goddess Braid Updo

Instagram / @hairdesignz_bytiffany

#40: Sleek Double Braid

Even it is a simple style, it looks so pretty.

two goddess braids hairstyle

#41: Goddess Crown Updo

A classic style is a good choice for engagements.

African American Two Crown Braids

Instagram / @samanthapollack

#42: Highlighted Braids and Jumbo Bun

A complicated braid style but looks so different.

Big Goddess Braids With A Low Bun

Instagram / @carineiloung

#43: Braided Mohawk Updo

A good choice for short hairstyles. Even with short hairs, you can make your braids perfectly.

black braided updo

#44: Elevated Fishtail Braid

Starts as a fishtail and ends up as a pigtail. It’s so classy.

mohawk braid into pony for black women

#45: Burgundy Toned Cornrows

A classics cornrows, but with different colors, you can make it different.

burgundy toned goddess braids

#46: The Tilted Crown

A good choice for thick hairstyles. It is a unique style.

black asymmetrical side braided bun updo

Instagram/ @hair_scientist

#47: Braided ‘Do with Bold Hues

A braid that will show your hair color perfectly.

purple crown braid updo for African American women

Instagram/ @kersti.pitre

#48: Gorgeous Bun with Jumbo Cornrows

Gorgeous ballerina bun made from long cornrows.

goddess braids updo with jumbo cornrows

#49: Coiled and Coiffed

A hard braid to do, but a unique style for a special night.


asymmetrical updo with goddess braids

#50: Goddess Braids with Purple Highlights

This style is looking more beautiful when you apply a different color to your hair.

goddess braids with purple highlights

#51: Mature Braids with Intricate Design

Brais is not designed just for young ladies. Here you are a mature braid example.

intersecting goddess braids

#52: Directional Creativity

A braid that shows the creativity of the woman that did it.

updo with curvy black braids

#53: Low Braided Buns

Adding different hair embellishments can jazz up an otherwise quite ordinary hairdo. Dutch braids are coiled into side buns and decorated with thin golden ribbon in this example. Of course, you may choose a flower instead – it can become your signature look – lovely, vibrant petals for any occasion!

Two Braided Side Buns

#54: Black Braids with White Accents

Black and white color’s fashion never ends. So, use it on your hair.

curvy black goddess braids

Instagram /@lady_t_akachynablak

#55: Low Bun with Extensions

A combination of blonde hairs with french braids.

blonde goddess braids bun updo

#56: High Side Hairstyle

A braid inspired by Greek mythology.

updo with diagonal goddess braids

#57: Intricate Style with Goddess Braids

A braid that you can use both at work or on the beach. It’s very comfortable.

curvy goddess braid side hairstyle

#58: Loose Waves with Braided Headband

A combination of braid and curly hairstyle.

long black hairstyle with a headband braid

#59: Fancy Braided Ponytail

A braid with a very thick fishtail. Will make your hair look thicker.

black braided updo

#60: Elegant Updo for Natural Hair

An updo style which gives a modern look to your hair.

black asymmetrical braided updo