4 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Hair For Braided Hairstyles [Photos]

4 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Hair For Braided Hairstyles [Photos]

Today’s Article features easy steps to prepare your hair for braided hairstyles. Braided hairstyles are the best for natural black hair. Braided hairstyles are a popular choice for women because they offer natural haired-women the opportunity to experiment with different styles. There are so many ways to achieve black braided hairstyles, and it can be difficult to choose which one to try.

You’ll love these black braided hairstyles: box braids, cornrows, goddess braids, and everything in between. Braid is a natural style that will never go out of fashion and has seen many variations over the years. Braided hairstyles are unique to African cultures and to the Black community in general because they were created to protect black hair.

Braids are a great protective hairstyle for women. However, it is not a good idea to braid your hair. It can cause severe pain and pinching that can last hours.

These are the easy steps to prepare your hair for braided hairstyles

1. Wash With Shampoo


Be sure that you have clean hair and scalp by washing your hair with shampoo. Since it is a
a protective hairstyle that would be carried for up to two weeks(mostly without the intent of
washing in between).

2. Deep Condition Your Hair


The deep condition has become my natural hair best friend. Just as every hair vendor would tell you
that a leave-in conditioner is what you need to sustain your curls well, deep conditioning is what
you need to maintain the softness of your hair and also reduce dryness.

3. Oil Your Scalp


This is my favorite part because it feels like I’m at the spa. Get your essential oils, Vitamin E,
Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, or your favorite hair cream and make sure they are applied directly to
your scalp.

4. Massage Your Scalp


After your scalp has been oiled, spend at least 1 minute massaging it.

Step – Massage the inner corners of the body to the midsection, and then go back outside.

Braided Hairstyles for women

Braids can be a simple and pleasant way to let go of hairstyling for months. They also protect your hair from the harsh elements and give it some time to recover. You will also attract admiring glances, sincere smiles, and attention with these amazing hairstyles.

Braided Hairstyles for women allow for creativity. You can make each head unique with many braiding options. You can also experiment with highlights, curly or natural texture, clips, and patterns.

Natural perming and thickening of hair are a huge plus. Braids are a great option for hair that you may have complained about. This idea can be used to your advantage.

African hair braiding can be used in many different ways. You have the option to use microbraids or cornrows, fishtail braids (or blocky braids), black braided buns with twist braids, braids that are tree braided, braids that are braided into French braids or hair bands. After you have chosen the style and thickness of your hair, you can shape your braids to create beautiful hairstyles for special occasions and everyday life.


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