30 African Braids Which Will Give You A Sensuous Look

30 African Braids Which Will Give You A Sensuous Look

African braids have long been a cherished heritage and symbol of beauty, strength, and identity. With evolving fashion trends, these braids have taken on various forms and designs, enabling women to exude sensuality and elegance simultaneously. Here are some African braid styles that are sure to give you a sensuous look:

  1. Passion Twists: These are a newer addition to the braiding family and are characterized by their bohemian feel. Passion twists are softer, with a romantic and alluring look, making them perfect for a sensuous style.
  2. Senegalese Twists: Sleek, shiny, and smooth, these twists can be made long and cascading, enhancing the overall appeal.
  3. Goddess Braids: Thick, oversized braids that can be styled in various ways—updos, mohawks, or wrapped around the head. The larger size of the braids makes a bold statement.
  4. Fulani Braids: Originating from the Fulani ethnic group in Africa, these braids are characterized by a pattern of braiding with a sweet touch of beads and gold cuffs. The braids often have a central braid running from the forehead to the nape and can have braids hanging on the sides.
  5. Knotless Braids: These are a newer braiding technique that eliminates the small knot typically found at the base of traditional box braids. They provide a more seamless, blended look and are particularly sensuous when done in longer lengths.
  6. Micro Braids: These are tiny, delicate braids that can be left free or styled in various ways. When loose, they give the hair a flowing, wavy appearance.
  7. Marley Twists: Using Marley braiding hair, these twists are fluffier and have a more natural texture. The slightly unkempt look of the twists adds to their allure.
  8. Cornrows with Updo: Cornrows braided close to the scalp combined with a high bun or updo can be incredibly sensual, especially when paired with statement earrings or other accessories.
  9. Long Cascading Box Braids: Long box braids, especially when they cascade down your back, have a captivating charm.
  10. Nubian Twists: These are short twists with a tighter and coiled pattern. They give a softer, youthful, and playful look.

Style Tips:

  • Accessories: Adding beads, gold cuffs, or shells can enhance the overall appeal of the braids.
  • Baby hairs: Styling your baby hairs in delicate swirls or waves on your forehead can add an extra touch of sensuality.
  • Length and volume: Longer and voluminous braids tend to be more dramatic and sensual. However, even shorter braids can be sensuous, depending on the overall style and your personal flair.
  • Maintenance: Keeping your braids neat and your scalp moisturized will ensure your hairstyle remains fresh and appealing.

Remember, the sensuousness of a hairstyle is as much about how you carry it as it is about the style itself. Confidence and a personal touch often make all the difference!

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Women who shine with braided hairstyles can be very comfortable in their casual life. In addition, braided hairstyles are known for their durability. Many models are resistant to harmful substances such as sunlight and dust.

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If you don’t change your hairstyle, it can stay intact for months. Don’t you want to shine with your new braid hairstyle? For this, you can check the gallery and try the 2021 braided hairstyles that best suits you.

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