28 Hottest Crochet Braids Styles of 2023 – Braids, Twists & Locs

28 Hottest Crochet Braids Styles of 2023 – Braids, Twists & Locs

Crochet braids make a chic protective hairstyle that’s achieved by attaching a braided hair extension to a woman’s natural hair using a latch or crochet hook, hence the name.

This keeps your hair off your face, where styling tools or weather elements can’t damage it.

Ava Selmon, a hairdresser based in Chicago, gave some helpful pointers for ladies who want to recreate this style.

💡 Key Things to Know First

Do your research on the braid texture you wish to wear.
Find a stylist who specializes in this look—someone who can make it appear natural that’s growing from the scalp, unlike a big wig.
The biggest benefit is that there is no hair left out. No need to worry about blending your hair into the weave texture. Plus, it makes it easy for you to get up and go!
The only drawback is that the hair is synthetic and doesn’t last as long as a human hair install. There’s also human hair, but it’s expensive, so most people stick to synthetic.
Check out these stunning pictures of crochet braids in various styles for your next look!

afro crochet curls

bohemian twist crochet hairstyles

boho inspired crochet braids with blonde highlights

braided deep twist 500x625 1

cornrows and crochet braids

crochet box braids with curly ends

crochet faux braids

crochet goddess locs 1

curly bob 1

cute braid with loose curls 500x617 1

half braided crochet hair

jumbo crochet braids

kinky twists crochet braids

knotless crochet braids

lightweight crochet braids

long crochet beach waves

long crochet braids

marley hair crochet

micro braids 500x625 1

passion twist crochet braids

senegalese braids 500x625 1

short crochet braids

the havana twist crochet hairstyle

the mambo twist crochet hairstyle

tight curls in hair

trendy medium crochet weave

twist out crochet braids

very long crochet braids for black ladies2023