The 2016 off the rack range of Trish O Couture

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The womanly trend model that is the creation of Patricia Onumonu and is labeled Trish O Couture has had several audiences glued to its 2016 range.

This 2016 representation range is characterized by the opulence of colors along with materials that goes perfectly into all physique sorts and forms.

Patricia Onumonu, who is the architect of this collection, has stated some facts on this range. He is of the opinion that the gathering’s pieces, which differ between solar wear having lace detailing, tops that consists of dipping necklines, skirts, flooring size dressed that have tops with embellishments and extra happen to be really beautiful. Their beauty is great and they are going to make exceptional cocktail gowns that are going add that extra zing to all events.

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Patricia Onumonu, who is usually called Trish by pals, is a former model and also a beauty queen who completed for home beauty pageant when she was still young. Her inspiration was her mother, a seamstress by profession who had learnt beading when she was aged 12 years.

Following the completing of her graduation from the academia of Lagos where she acquired a Philosophy degree, she arrived at the decision to pursue her enthusiasm in fashion and brush herself up on the nitty-gritty and particulars of female style.

Photograph Credit score
Mannequin: Grace (Instagram: @FabJewels_Official)
Images: Abu Salami Images
Artistic Path: Omonike Fowowe