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Having dark lips does not mean that you cannot wear dark and bright lipstick. There is an assortment of lipstick shades that fit perfectly for black women.

Did you know that bright lipsticks simply look amazing on dark women?

Lipsticks like bright red, purple, maroon, look awesome provided that they are of the Matt finish. Burgundy or deep wine look amazing on black lips. Some of the brightest lip colors for dark lips are Mauve, Burgundy, Plum color, Red lip color, Pink lip color, Brown, coral, cocoa, and more. Dark colors neutralize the dark pigmentations.

Though many would feel that dark, bold colors are not for dark lips, they can definitely make you look good and bold if you can wear them the right way. Try out bright colors that have a matt finish and you would look really good in a bright color lipstick.

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The combination of your makeup, dress, and lipstick are also important when you wear makeup.

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