115 Gorgeous Fulani Braids to Try This Year (Youtube Video)

115 Gorgeous Fulani Braids to Try This Year (Youtube Video)

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Braids are the basic style of protection for black women. They are comfortable, low-maintenance, and they come in an infinite range of styles — like Fulani braids. Though the trend has been around for centuries (more on that below), it’s still really popular for all the fun and imaginative ways you can wear it. Dream of vivid colors, unusual prints, and a combination of accessories of different shapes and sizes.



Here’s a short primer on what you need to do about them.


What are Fulani braids? 

As renowned hairstylist Susy Oludele — who is responsible for some of the phenomenal looks you’ve seen on Solange — explains, Fulani braids are a combination of cornrows and box braids and can be worn with or without beads. Most generally, the style — which is named after the Fulani people in West Africa, where the braids originated — is formed with the cornrows in the front and the box braids in the back.


The style has recently been modernized — often seen on red carpets, music videos, and in daily life—”but it’s been worn for many, many years now, “says Oludele. Symbolizing not just its African origins, Fulani Braids can also reflect “social status, income, faith or marital status,” says Oludele, adding that “braids have always been part of our culture.”

Ready to ask the stylist about them? Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our dreams Fulani looks and braided hairstyles — from neon green crystals to platinum blonde brides.

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