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Mercy Aigbe has this tendency and this has been there right from the beginning. However, what is this tendency you are going to ask. This tendency is nothing but the constant urge to wow all of us with the constant urge to offer us a view of all of the superior varieties that she has in her possession. Such beautiful Ankara ensembles happen to be a tremendous trend to have on while on a day excursion and while attending a day or night event. Mercy does more by making the colorful Ankara more vibrant and effervescent by the use of more than a few methods. Another thing that she does is to pair the Ankara jacket up with denims pairs and colorful courtroom footwear.

Check out all of the combos that are posted here and what you are going to see are a number of true stunners that you will have a hard time taking your eyes off. You are certain to enjoy this assortment that is the creation of Mercy Aigbe. Also look the hairstyles and how they really complement the ensembles that you see in this post. A word that describes the ensembles and the matching hairdos is “amazing.”

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