60+ New African Outfits To Try Today!

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Love dressing up? Here are three new outfits you must try today. Latest and very much in trend, the outfits are creating a stir in the fashion industry and as far as we know, the ladies are absolutely in love with all of them. Go ahead and check whats in trend.
African shorts, Ankara and jumpsuits
Ankara shorts and jumpsuits are quite a trendsetter in African fashion nowadays. And if you were wondering which new outfit you should pick, these guys have some really cool stuff lined up for you. African jumpsuits come in Ankara prints, come in different lengths and sizes and are definitely new in terms of trend. You can wear Ankara print shorts, wear a shirt on top, tie a knot and team it up with your favourite pair of heels and that’s it!
Dresses with jeans
Dresses with jeans! Ever heard of that? We hadn’t until now. Extremely new in the world of fashion, dresses with jeans are making the girls go crazy nowadays. They are long at the front and short at the back so that you can flaunt your jeans. We would suggest you to wear a black pair of jeans or maybe white so that your Ankara dress looks more bright and pretty. Wear a black pair of heels and carry your favourite clutch and you are good to go ladies!
Tutu Skirts
African ladies have recently developed a crazy obsession towards tutu skirts and if you havent bought them already, then you definitely should. Tutu skirts have history and are being worn around the world. They are perfect for dinner parties, clubs and rare occasions but always give you that sexy and classy look you’ve always wanted. Plus they always look rocking with a tube top.

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