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There are various crochet braids that you can try out for American African hair. Before making crochet braids, make sure that your hair is washed well and give yourself a good oil treatment.

Crochet Braids, like any other protective hairstyle requires braiding of your natural hair, whether it’s premed or not there are various kinds of hair strands that you can use for crochet braids.

Add braiding hair to the cornrows to take stress off the natural hair. It is important that your hair is really healthy before you try a crochet braid hairstyle. There are various crochet hairstyles that you can try out like trendy, fashionable and natural looking hair.

These styles are typically good for black women. Let your natural hair take a break with an array of crochet braid hairstyles.

Crochet braids are hair extensions that are stitched into your own hair with a needle..

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