What Should We Do to Regain Our Hair Curls?

What Should We Do to Regain Our Hair Curls?

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Curly hair is difficult to care for. If we don’t take proper care, our curls will disappear once. The main elements that make up the hair structure are keratin, water, pigment and oils. These elements in the hair may decrease and the hair structure may deteriorate over time as a result of incorrect product use, chemical processes, and excessive heat contact.

If you want to regain your hair, you must first have your hair cut as needed.

Afterwards, you need to put your hair completely in a detox.
Get away from all hot tools. Use hair care oils that provide the most nutrients to curly hair. Stop combing your hair often and leave your hair alone.

Stay away from hot water for a while and wash your hair with cold water. You will get your old curly hair in a short time.

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