What Do We Need To Do To Prevent Hair Loss

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What do we need to do to prevent hair loss
Do not comb your hair after you have made a bath so that your hair does not spill too much and breaks, then comb after drying. If you use hair cream or shampoos that strengthen or stiffen your hair, change it occasionally; the effect is much higher. So if you use the same shampoo all the time, it can lose its effect after a while. The most effective way to shine your hair is olive oil. Cover your olive oil in your hair and wrap it in a way that will not get any air, and see the end. After care your hair will be bright, vibrant and lush. You should also mix 1 cup of natural apple vinegar with 1 cup of water and wash your hair once a week. In this way, both your hair grows and detoxifies the body. Omega 3 fatty acids are often included in fish species, such as carrots, flax seeds are also very effective at the consummation of your hair to consume. Also, never wash your hair with hot water, it will be a havoc for your hair. Washing with warm water will be much better.