Selection Of Aso-Ebi Dresses According To Your Body Type

Selection Of Aso-Ebi Dresses According To Your Body Type

Ladies. Firstly you need to know your real body type. Then, choose the dress of your body.

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Thin bone structure, full breasts, distinctive thin waist, curved, rounded and large lips are the hallmarks of hourglass body type. If you have this type of body, fish dressers that emphasize the grace of your body sitting in your body, or dressers that sit down and fly down will show you wonderfully. If you avoid lychee fabrics adhering to your body, you can choose many models sitting on top or softly draped.

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Thick neck, normal or full breasts, wide thoracic cage, a slight humpback, thick waist and narrow lips are hallmarks of apple body type. If you have this type of body, you have to move the attention away from your waist region and pull the decollete to your chest area. You can hide your waist area by removing your chest area and legs from the foreground. A deep V decollet will show the neck much thinner and longer.

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Wide shoulders, normal or coarse breasts, flat waist, narrow hips and long legs are the most prominent features of flat body type. If you have unfolded, flattened body lines, you must create an illusion of curved lines. In other words, you should use inverted triangles at the top of your body and triangular cuts at the bottom. An dress with a narrow shoulder and a narrow bell-shaped lower part will show your body more curved.

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Do not forget to avoid flattening, thin fabrics. The upper part of your evening dress should be as plain as possible.

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