Radish Mask that Extends Your Hair 1-2 Inch Per Week

Radish Mask that Extends Your Hair 1-2 Inch Per Week

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Most women complain that their hair does not grow any longer. Polluted air, stress, chemicals and many other factors turn hair growth balance upside down. Moreover, we often damage our hair ourselves. We should treat our hair more carefully. You can prepare some natural blends for it to grow fast. We will support you for this. Here it is.
Take 1 radish and grate it. Boil in 3-4 glasses of water for half an hour. Separate the pulp and add an egg yolk and mix the two well. Apply the radish mask by massaging your hair. After waiting for 2 hours, wash your hair with shampoo. With this mixture, your hair will grow 1-2 inches a week.


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