Practical Long Hair Models For Everyday Usage

Practical Long Hair Models For Everyday Usage

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high ponytail with long side braid

With the hairstyles, that their application işs very easy but have a big effect on styles, you will get the attention of everybody where you go. Inspired by the podiums you will rediscover the horsetails … There is no rule that you will make a classic horsetail, you can have a different air by adding different details to your ball. For example, have you ever tried braids? You will shape and squeeze all the way to your side, adding a side horsetail to your hair and it will give you a totally different air and it is very simple to make … Or what about a romantic atmosphere. Then first dress your hair and then make a horsetail. Maybe you want to get an energetic look. Then color your ball with a hair spray of different colors sold in cosmetics markets. It’s that simple!

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