Natural How to Go Without The Hair

Natural How to Go Without The Hair

Without big chop, how can I go natural? You may have wanted to make a natural hair cut, but other naturalists have managed to transform into natural hair without shortening their hair.

To transition to natural hair is an easy method to create your natural texture until you take the method part out or let it fall by itself if you want to go natural but do not worry, because you will transition with little time and energy.

The normal approach is very important for many black women and you can’t do that right or poorly. But you do to make sure your hair is intact during the process, so if you want to make a move, it is beneficial to keep your hair long through that period.

Going spontaneously without getting your hair cut means you want to let your hair loosen and let go and take your hair, which would eventually grow straight out of your head.

Which are the most convenient ways to go without hair being cut?
The broad cup is not always a choice for certain people, so you should know that mixing the two textures can be very tiring and the process of growing out your natural skin can be a long one while contemplating transformation without cutting your hair.

1. Transitioning Your Locks

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When you are sticking to having natural hair, the first step is to avoid soothing the hair or use chemical treatments, but it is vital you refrain from any cosmetic manipulation of the hair. It will be a significant change to the normal touch-up regimen. Heat coloring will cause natural hair harm too, but you don’t need to use oil.

2. Experiment With Protective Styles

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You need to play with the protective hairstyles which work for you when you’re seeking a hairstyle that fits, because it isn’t now the moment, because the two different textures are always sensitive, to switch to natural hair without cutting your hair. The transfer and use of protective hairstyles allow you to establish your permit without the culture shock are significant.

3. Cloak The Straight Ends Curl Well Placed

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When changing, you are struggling with especially straight ends, but also wear a curling hairstyle, which helps make your normal and comfortable look regular. A two-beach twist or foam roller kit will combine the two textures to avoid the breakage of your hair strand.

4. Try Out Hair Accessories

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You should also use hair products because it’s not long until you’re going out in the morning or when you’re tired during the process. The use of headbands or scars can be an ideal way to incorporate touch and to protect from the cold of winter. There are also decorative bars for spicing or stopping the hairstyle.

5. Turn to clean together

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Natural hair is inherently dry and is more vulnerable to rubbing and thus it needs to have moisture which means you can strive to maintain moisture as much as possible. Co-washing requires the use of conditioner to wash and clean your hair instead of a shampoo, which moisturizes your hair outside of the conditioner.

How much time does it take to switch from perm to natural?

It may take 6 months or longer if you transition without shaving off your hair, although there is no clear hair transfer timeline so it depends a huge deal on how you look after the hair.

To end

Transition to natural hair without cuts is a time-consuming procedure with careful treatment, you will potentially get fresh growth of about three inches in three months, but the ends will be brittle, which is because daily cutting would be needed, rather than waiting for it to break up in all sorts of ways. Patience is important when the hair is transformed.