Lavender Cure to Extend Your Hair Quickly

Lavender Cure to Extend Your Hair Quickly

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Lavender is a natural plant that is widely used both in the body and at home. Lavender oil is a very effective natural oil for the hair to smell and grow fast. You can apply lavender oil to your hair simply as you would apply it to your hair. You need these ingredients to cure lavender:
• 1 teaspoon of fresh lavender (it is important to be the product of this season)
• 2-3 cups of hot water
You need to prepare lavender oil in this way:
Add lavender to the boiling water of 500-700 ml. Allow this water to cool after boiling for a while. Strain the lavender from the cooled water. After the bath, you can rinse your hair with this water. No need to rinse with shampoo or water again.

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