How Can We Combine Bags With Our Clothes?

How Can We Combine Bags With Our Clothes?

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Bags are our most important and most used accessory. We will tell you how to combine our bags correctly in 5 steps.

• The pattern and fabric of your bag should match your shoes. Shoes and bags must be relationed. This relation can be color or pattern.
• It is important that you combine the clothes with the bag. Although the colors do not match, you need to choose clothes and bags that are suitable for the season. Thick fabric bags and thin fabric clothes will not be compatible.
• Try to use colors compatible with each other. Excessive color confusion exhausts people’s eyes and displays a bad image.
• The style of your bag should match your outfit. Sports bags can look ugly alongside stylish clothes.
• Choose the dominant color and try to use the shades of that color.



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