Hair Care Routine For Beginners

Hair Care Routine For Beginners

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If you have not performed your hair care routine before, you can apply a hair care routine by following this article.
1. Shampoo selection. You can start by choosing the most suitable shampoo according to your hair type. If your hair is dry, you can also choose the conditioner next to the shampoo.
2. The right shampoo application. You should properly apply the shampoo to your hair during each bath.
3. Choose the conditioner. You can also choose a conditioner suitable for your hair type, or you can make a home conditioner at home.
4. Oil care before bathing. You can choose a hair care oil according to your preference, add it to your shampoo or apply it to your scalp half an hour before the bath.
5. After-bath care. You need to choose a hair comb that suits your hair type. Always use your preference for wooden combs.


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