Curly Hair Styles That Are Perfect for Second-Day Wear

Curly Hair Styles That Are Perfect for Second-Day Wear

Naturally curly hair can be one of the most beautiful hair textures but once that second day hair comes around-it is difficult to maintain the curls’ volume. Finding the right curly hairstyles for second-day wear is much easier than you might think.

Your curls need moisture to stay frizz-free and bouncy. Over-washing your hair with shampoo can actually dry your hair out which yields undesirable curls. To avoid this, try these curly hairdos that are perfect for your second day on the go!

#1: All Piled Up

If you have really tight curls, you can get away with piling your second-day hair up on your head into a messy bun and you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed. The best thing about this style is that you can make your bun as tight and as loose as you want. The choice is yours! Love this look? Check out this tutorial on how to achieve the perfect curly top-knot.

High Curly Bun

Instagram / @curlcilla

#2: Just Add a Hat

Did you curled your hair last night? There’s no need to ruin your style by washing your hair. Simply wear a cute baseball cap to hide any signs of a second-day hairdo. If your hair is too greasy for your liking, add some dry shampoo to your roots and you’re good to go!

Blonde Waves With A Hat

Instagram / @plumtique

#3: Braided Pigtails

If you have long curly hair, try these fierce-looking braided pigtails. Part your hair down the middle and put the two sections into pigtails using hair ties that match your hair color. Next, just braid each pigtail and you’re left with a stylish second-day hairstyle!

Two Braided Pigtails

Instagram / @izabelag4

#4: Mini Bantu Knots

Curly hairstyles are extremely versatile and allow you to try so many different and fun techniques with your hair. For this style, section off the front of your hair into four parts and create a mini bantu knot with each section.

Half Updo With Bantu Knots

Instagram / @futurecoldest

#5: Sun Hat Style

With long curly hair, embrace those day-old curls by leaving them down and loose and add a cute sun hat. Don’t shy away from the imperfect look of messy curls because we promise they look perfectly natural. To give your slept-in locks a volume boost, quickly blow dry your hair with a diffuser to revamp your style.

Loose Hair With A Hat

Instagram / @tsarine_hania

#6: Accent Braid

One of the best hairstyles for greasy hair is this braided style. It hides any evidence of dirty and unwashed hair. To achieve this look, simply braid the front section of your hair (including your bangs if you have them) and secure with a bobby pin that matches your hair color.

Long Hair With Side Braid

Instagram / @strashme

#7: Fun Puffs

Put your hair into puffs to add a little more fun and spunk to your style. If you wish to, add colorful clips or other embellishments throughout your hair. Hair accessories perfectly hide day-old hair, and for more hair decorating options, check out this guide.

Two Curly Buns With Hair Clips

Instagram / @_naturallydemi

#8: Amped Up Ponytail

Turn your usual second-day hair ponytail into a classic style that looks like a freshly washed hairdo. Adding a simple twist or braid into your pony can completely transform the look. Try these eye-catching ponytail hairstyles for your next day-old hair day.

Low Twisted Ponytail

Instagram / @yesfira

#9: Half Updo with Fishtail Braid

Perhaps one of the most interesting second-day hairstyles, this fishtail half-up, half-down do is perfect for curly unwashed hair. Your natural texture will make the fishtail look full and thick and the curls you let hang down over your back perfectly complement the added braid. Don’t know how to do a fishtail braid? Check out this quick and easy tutorial!

Half Updo With Fishtail Braid

Instagram / @savvy_salon

#10: Half Up, Half Down Top Knot

If you have long or short curly hair, try this easy half up, half down top-knot style. Simply pull the top half of your hair back and secure in a bun. To make this style more interesting, let some curly fly-aways fall down in the front.

Curly Half Up Bun

Instagram / @andreaschoice

#11: Patterned Bandana

Need to spice up a second-day messy bun? Just grab a colored or patterned bandana! Pile your curls up into a bun and tie the bandana around the front of your head, securing it at the top.  To make this one of your go-to short curly hairstyles, skip the bun and just leave your hair down. Remember to let the bandana cover any sign of dirty hair! If you want some more bandana style inspiration, check out these hairstyles.

Top Knot With Bandana

Instagram / @la_durante_

#12: Ponytail with a Ribbon

Another way to spice up a boring pony would be to add a ribbon. If you wish, you can tease your hair at the crown for some extra volume. For this style, find a ribbon that suits your need, and tie it around your ponytail. That’s it, you’re done and you look fabulous! No one will ever know that you are sporting second-day hair.

Low Ponytail With A Ribbon

Instagram / @studsandsapphires

#13: Floral Embellishments

For an island vibe, find some flower pins (or use real flowers if you wish) and place them throughout your hair, however you want. Don’t want a flower overload? Just add one or two to your style for a pop of color.

Auburn Curls With Flowers

Instagram / @rnubia_santos

#14: Voluminous Half Ponytail

For a quick and easy second-day hairstyle, try this bouncy and sophisticated half ponytail. Using a de-frizz serum, pull back your locks into a high ponytail. Secure with a clear rubber band. If you want to amp up the style even more, leave a 1-inch section of hair out of the ponytail and wrap that section around the rubber band and hold with a bobby pin.

High And Curly Ponytail

Instagram / @mikalahstyles

#15: Braided Crown

Half-up, half-down hairdos are very quick to do but add a little something more to the style by braiding a section of your hair and placing it over the top of your head to look like a crown. Like this style? Check out this crown braid tutorial that works great with dirty hair.

Braided Crown With Nape Undercut

Instagram / @mariaalvarezhair

#16: Dutch Braids

Thick, curly hair is the perfect texture for a more grown-up pigtail style. Rather than styling your hair in the traditional pigtails, try out a Dutch braid instead. Don’t know how to braid in the Dutch style? Watch this tutorial!

Two Long Dutch Braids

Instagram / @sagehairwellness

With these hairdos, you’ll never be worried about finding the right style for those inevitable dirty hair days. These second-day hairstyles for curly hair are so versatile and easy that you’ll never be stuck with unruly curls again!