Black colored Dresses from Concert hosted by Alibaba

It had been really pleasurable and relaxation when well-known comic Alibaba was the host of the 1st January lives performance at Eko Conference in 2016 at the hub of the Eko Lodge &Suites, Lagos.

Like you are likely to make out the matter that is of the most interest to us is event such as that is all that you had done and what you had been dressed in. Had it been a conventional circumstance we could have had attested to you every one of the metropolis variety of clothes that individuals as well as celebrities were dressed in at the occasion. Nonetheless, in this post we convey all of the black dresses. The petite black gown had probably been the color that most people had on during this live performance. It is expected that Nigerian ladies have begun understanding this trend.

Covering the gamut from comedian juggernauts, music stars, Nollywood hunks & divas to the industry captains, the occasion had to do with glitz & glamour on top of the pink carpet.

Check out all of the images from this occasion given in this post and we’re more than certain that that the petite Black Gown Syndrome is going take to you like flies.

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