Are Ghana Hair Braids Dangerous For Health?

Are Ghana Hair Braids Dangerous For Health?

The African braid, which provides a particularly young and dynamic image, is preferred by women of almost every age. From the café to the meeting halls, the street mosque also gained popularity among the African folk dignitaries we have seen everywhere.

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African braid construction varies from 2 to 6 hours depending on the intensity of the hair. Sauce can be applied from top to bottom in all sizes. Optionally, your hair can be concentrated or thinned with synthetic hair spikes, which can be in color or hair color, and begin to be braided.

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However, attention should be paid to the synthetic joints made of the hair. Synthetic hair joints containing carcinogenic or health-hazardous substances should be avoided. These materials can cause serious damage to the hair and skin.

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The African braid is made without mixing any chemicals. With the addition of synthetic hair, natural hair is being extended without harm. Even when using African braids, the hair can not be manipulated and the hair rests and grows more healthily.

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At the same time, we recommend African braiding for women who do not want to color or do anything during pregnancy. It is not difficult to use as opposed to what is thought. You can wash and dry your hair without any difference from your normal hair.

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The African braid, which is the most preferred hair style in summer with its colorful options and personal look, has become indispensable not only for long hairstyles, but also for short hairstyles. However, if you build a hand that does not know the job, both your skin and your hair may be damaged.

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