40+ Cute Medium Box Braids You Need to Try

40+ Cute Medium Box Braids You Need to Try

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Want to change your hair but don’t know what style to choose? If so, you are in the right place. We have found 40+ stylish medium box braids looks. We have something for everyone, including beautiful color ideas, chic medium braids and ideas on how to style them. Take a look, you will be spoilt for choice!


Accessorized Medium Braids

Beautiful Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box BraidsBold Color Idea Box Braid Long Bob Box Braid Ponytail Idea Box Braids for a Queen Box Braids with Chunky Beads Box Braids with Cords Caramel and Bright Blonde Braids
Chic and Elegant Box Braids Chic Box Braids Chic Medium Box Braids Chunky and Accessorized Box Braids Chunky Braids with an Inverted Style Chunky Braids with Braid Cuffs Chunky Medium Box Braid Idea Cute Box Braid Style Cute Braided Bob
Cute Braids with Silver Accessories Dark Purple Box Braids
Easy to Wear Braids with Gold Hair Cuffs Glam Braids with Cute Shell Accessories Glam Medium Box Braids Half Up Box Braid Bun Large Box Braid Idea Mermaid Medium Box Braids Side Part Bob with Accessories Simple and Stylish Braided Bob
Simple and Stylish Braids Sleek and Stylish Medium Bob Statement Braids with Beads Stunning Accessorized Medium Box Braids Stylish and Accessorized Box Braids Stylish Box Braid Bob Idea Stylish Short Braids Thin Box Braid Hairstyle Thin Medium Box Braids Trendy Box Braids Trendy Braids with Rings Trendy Half Up Braids Trendy Medium Bob Trendy Side Part Braid Idea