36 Mixed Braid Hairstyles That Will Elevate Your Look to the Next Level

36 Mixed Braid Hairstyles That Will Elevate Your Look to the Next Level

Braiding is an age-old art form that has taken on numerous transformations. With the integration of various braiding techniques into one hairstyle, mixed braid styles have become a sensation. They offer a captivating blend of textures and patterns, ensuring your hair is the center of attention. Here are some mixed braid hairstyles to inspire your next look:

  1. Boho Crown: Incorporate both fishtail and traditional braids around your head, creating a bohemian-inspired crown.
  2. Waterfall into Fishtail: Start with a waterfall braid from one side and let it cascade into a fishtail braid as it reaches the opposite side.
  3. Box Braids and Cornrows Combo: Start with cornrows at the front, and transition them into hanging box braids as you move towards the nape.
  4. French-Dutch Hybrid: Begin with a French braid and halfway down, switch to a Dutch braid. It creates a beautiful, raised texture.
  5. Braided Mohawk: Use cornrows on the sides and a more prominent French or Dutch braid in the middle, creating a braided mohawk effect.
  6. Twist and Plait Combo: Mix Senegalese twists with traditional plaits for an Afro-centric, texture-rich style.
  7. Side-swept Mixed Braid: Start with a loose French braid at the top, transitioning into a fishtail as you reach the neck, finishing with a classic three-strand braid.
  8. Half-up Crown: Use a small Dutch braid from one side, moving towards the back, and pair it with a fishtail braid from the other side to meet in the middle.
  9. Braid into Braid: Begin with tiny, individual classic braids and then braid them together into a larger, three-strand masterpiece.
  10. Mixed Braid Bun: Create both a fishtail and a traditional braid, then twist and pin them together into a low, intricate bun.
  11. Pancaked Combo: Intertwine a classic three-strand braid with a fishtail and then pancake (gently pull out sections) for a fuller, more voluminous look.
  12. Braided Ponytail: Begin with cornrows or Dutch braids from the front and merge them into a high ponytail, which is then braided using a fishtail technique.
  13. Ladder Intrigue: Create a ladder effect by braiding a waterfall braid, with the dropping sections being picked up by a second braid beneath it.
  14. Triple Threat: Section hair into three parts – braid the middle section with a Dutch braid, and the side sections with fishtails.
  15. Mixed Braid Chignon: Create both a French and a fishtail braid from the sides, meeting them at the nape and pinning into an elegant low bun.

Mixed braid hairstyles are all about creativity, texture, and showcasing your braiding skills. With these ideas as a foundation, you can experiment with your unique combinations. Whether you’re heading to a formal event or just looking to change up your daily hair routine, these mixed braid styles are sure to take your look up a notch!


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