32 Edgy Braided Mohawks You Need To Check Out

32 Edgy Braided Mohawks You Need To Check Out

A braided mohawk looks as cool as it sounds.

Keep reading to check out 32 edgy braided mohawk hairstyles that will leave you wanting one yourself! Braided mohawks are not just a fierce fashion statement. They make hair maintenance easy too. In fact, this protective braid-style keeps everyday pollution, dirt, and weather conditions from ruining your tresses. With the right technique, you can keep a braided mohawk in place for close to two weeks.

If edgy is your middle name and mohawks are your game, scroll down to get inspired by these cool 32 braided mohawk styles! And those of you who think a braided mohawk sounds too risqué – what’s life without some adventure?

Before You Get Started
A rattail comb, elastic bands, bobby pins, and hairspray are essential for creating your perfect braided mohawk.
Use extensions matching your original hair texture for a natural look.
Skip shampooing the day you decide to do a mohawk braid to help your hair stay in place.
The hairstyle is suitable for almost every face shape except oval faces because it further elongates the face.

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Big Bun Braided Mohawk

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Colored Braided Mohawk

Curled Ends Braided Mohawk

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Jumbo Braided Mohawk

Stretched Braided Mohawk

Thin Curled Mohawk

Twisted Cornrows Braided Mohawk