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Ghana Braids are an African type with crown row braids that go straight back. These are also known as Cherokee braids, translucent cornrows, banana braids, straight backs, or pencil braids. That makes them different from other defensive braids is that they require the use of hair extensions for a more compact product. No matter what face shape you’ve got, these braids can be creatively shaped into various shapes that will smooth, elongate, or match your profile! Don’t forget to first add hydration products to your hair for a quick braiding operation.

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Form of Ghana Braids

This chic mesh hairstyle helps you to flash your formidable hair with shades, designs, and cuffs while keeping the real one covered right underneath. You don’t need to book salon appointments every now and then because they will last for weeks or months depending on how much TLC you send to these beauts! Below are the most common

styles that you can easily replicate right now.