170 PHOTOS: Trendy Bob Hairstyles for African American Girls in 2021

170 PHOTOS: Trendy Bob Hairstyles for African American Girls in 2021

Have a look at these chic black woman bob hairstyles to see how rainbow shades are used in traditional common hairstyles. Asymmetrical boobs make perfect African American hairstyles for long, straight, or curly locks, and there’s a fashionable bob cut to flatter any face shape! Our unique collection of beautiful African American hairstyles displays the newest cuts and some absolutely incredible new color designs!

Long Straight Blue African American Hairstyle

Bob’s hairstyles have been with us for a few years now, but what would you do to add some extra razzamatazz to your sleek, trendy bob hairstyles? Okay, you can dye some hairstyles of black royal blue women to get you going! The asymmetrical long bob is one of the most common hairstyles right now, and the haircut below flatters the round or oval shape of the face. The straight, smooth lines are softly angled in order to prevent the stick-right feel of the past, and the dark blue along the top is subtly transformed into a sea-green ombré at the ends. The ‘curtain’ of the hair drapes down from the forehead to create a long, smooth, rectangular face-frame that splits the circle of a round face and slims down the cheeks. The middle parting is only appropriate for faces that are naturally oval, with the other forms of the face and the off-center of the deep side parting giving you a flattering finish!

Chic Simple Bob Hairstyles In Purple Tones In Black Hair

The new African American hairstyles are full of bright color designs, and this super-glossy medium bob is a perfect pick for a chic, about-town gal! The hair is cut into shaved, vertical layers and carefully formed to curl beneath the blunt-cut ends, with a strong, stable form. It is one of the latest African American hairstyles that match round, triangular and square faces as the hair is pulled around the sides of the neck to cover a firm jaw. And then, in order to create this incredible purple glow through the hair, long parts of soft lavender were lightened and tinted. Blue and purple colors suit the cool complexions. We love this solid but gentle bob hairstyle concept for black women!

British Coffee-Brown Bob Hairstyles With Ash Blonde Stripes

This chic bob is a common hairstyle for girls who love a well-organized and stylish look! This is a medium-length asymmetrical bob on cool coffee-brown hair with a beautiful precision cut. The heavy angle from a shorter, stacked back to under the chin is accentuated beautifully by the contrasting ash-blonde streaks. This is another African American hairstyle perfect for dense, straight, and natural hair. Side sections such as this are ideal for round, oval, and square forms; you notice the shorter strands cleverly added to soften the line around the face. Stylish, easy-going bob hairstyles for black women will again be very welcomed by the latest ash-blond and ash-brown highlights in the spring and summer!

African American Beauty Hairstyle Bobylicious Blonde With 60’s Vibe

Suitable for long, thick hair, this is another common Spring / Summer hairstyle. The trend stores are full of retro clothes from the 50s and 60s, and this (teased) version of asymmetric black women ‘s hairstyle is great to complete your look! The white-gold blonde all-over is a perfect alternative for warm skin tones, and dark roots give noddy contrast to the development of the hair. Chin-long bob hairstyles float around the jawline, suiting nearly all facial forms. This luminous blonde version also has a side section and a very long eye-a-boo bang on one side of the face. It is a modern, semi-formal bob hairstyle alternative that you can wear for work and with a cocktail dress for formal events or evenings!

Black Woman Smooth Bob Hairstyles with Honey-Gold Shades

African American ladies’ fun gang hairstyle. Such well-controlled bob haircuts are ideal hairstyles for straight rugged Black ladies. They are one of the most common hairstyles to flatter a variety of facial shapes, including round, square, and long! So after you’ve trimmed the bob, the form is primed to get blown-dry as you shower. The type is wondrously streamlined from the stacked back volume to the trendy look-a-boo side-swept bangs. Medium bob hairstyles let the vivid highlights play about – the end trimmings every 6 weeks put an end to the cold, long hair issue. This asymmetric cotton is a gorgeous combination of warm sweet, gold, and caramel highlights on the front and sides of the coffee shade on the back! Deeelicious! Deeelicious!

Short Bob Cut Sea-Green American Hairstyle

Another of the most attractive shades in the brown eyes is marine gray! In the past, brown-eyed gals always had just a green eye shadow to highlight their skin-color – but now the situation is new. You need to get some striking color in your hair if you want to make a true fashion sprinkler! The long, blonde hair with a green tip is set to be large in the summer. If you can not beat them, join them on the chic African American bob hairstyle with a beautiful ocean-green umbré! Fits oval and heart-shaped faces – look at the deep, sultry, and inscrutable eyes! This lobby is suitable for medium to heavy hair.

African American Hairstyles Blonde Bob

I love the way straight hair is angled in spring/summer in the new bob hairstyles. I despised the smooth designs of the stick-straight because they could be too rough and unflattering. Nor do curls match everyone, but asymmetric bobs with angled shapes make everyone look fine! The choppy curved bob is one of the most common hairstyles for women with ribs, as a side-shaped, thick bangs and chin-length make ring faces over. The chin-length bob hairstyles concentrate on long faces and shape them with more height on the arms, add depth to match long or short facial shapes. This relaxed blonde color contrasts well with the cool skin tone of the model. Love the size of the DA on the face!

Extreme Cuts in African Hairstyles Pure

It is a pure black version with heavy locks, irregular bob hairstyles. It suits oval faces and, if the face is triangular, it would match you by reducing the breakage of curved lines on a round face. The black hair color highlights the straight lines of this rectangular bob hairstyle and provides the appearance of a longer face with downward motions at the chin point. It is a sleek, classy variant of common Bob haircuts for girls women with only a touch of formed design at the tips.

Copper Ombré Short Bob Hairstyles Over Coffee Brown Skin

Small thin hair branch. Short bob hairstyles like this long, straight cut on an oval face can be very striking – but not appropriate for circular, angular, or square surfacing. Popular hairstyles are made to transform your face return to the oval ‘ideal,’ but you should prefer versatility if your face is already a beautiful oval! To add sophistication for black women’s otherwise straight hairstyles, apply light paprika or copper shadow from the lips. Carefully tailored to complement the face, it highlights the hair, mouth, and jawline.

Hairstyles Dove-Grey & Pink Bob On Coffee-Brown Basis

Ooh! Ooh! Paint me like ice in this traditional bob hairstyle for black women with a mood palate! Another innovative color, turning a smoothly curved bob into a beautiful and showy hairstyle with dove-gray and violet highlights! The effect is a rather sleek A-line bob, with an off-center dividing line and long bangs seductive over one brow. This choice for a special occasion in African American hairstyles suits thick straight hair and most facial shapes. The mild, lavender-gray color creates a softer face than a brunette tone, and the violet basement attracts attention to a good bone structure and chin! Awesome! Awesome! Don’t like this cut? Don’t like this cut? Seek the haircuts of a pixie!

Curly Short Bob And Black Hair Hub

Another woman’s bad hair is a fabulously casual, curly bob! And I confess that I have always dreamed of seeing hair floating over my head like an ebony wave! It is now one of our favorite African American everyday hairstyles because it’s young, natural and simple for anyone in the morning. A middle that divides just matches oval faces, but it’s a really fashionable look if you have an oval nose! Get this naturally common variety of hairstyles with a long layer bob and textured tips for a soft and feathery look.

Asian Geometric Modern Straight Black Body Hair

This detailed rectangular bob hairstyle is a perfect choice for someone who has a long neck. The deep, sweeping and full bangs sideways are a really efficient way to minimize the length. And if you hold the bob up, all the emphasis is on the nose, which produces a well-balanced form. The back is piled to make use of the thick hair of the model and don’t forget the fabulously winked back borrowed from the Japanese haircuts. The prevalence of neck tattoos means that short bob hairstyles with a layered segment over the face are the best way to expose them!

Long Bob Relaxed Blonde Hairstyles With Loose Waves For face shape

Here’s another of the famous black women’s hairstyles who want a casual look. This medium-blonde, the long bob is a flattering shadow for the golden or olive-shaped black women who harmonize beautifully with the dark eyes. The model has an oval face so that it can wear a center with curves covering the front corners gently. Whether you have an oval or heart-shaped nose, this loosely swept bob is perfect for you if you move to a deep or off-center hand. The hair bends in the direction of the wave, highlighting the eyes and ears, and wave action away from the ear will bring breadth to a point.

Wavy Bob Hairstyles in Copper and Gold Black Hair

This bold scan color style is one of the spring/summer color patterns and we’ll see a lot more! It’s a relaxed look with wide parts of hair dyed in gold and copper tones, offering a new contrast to colors of shadow and light. The hair is cut into long layers, finishing a few centimeters below the collar and then adding large boundary waves. This produces the lateral length, structure, and true, Swish elegance of the new classy bob hairstyles for Black women! The ‘square’ top, side, and bottom bands reduce the length and the side-volume is an ideal way to add width to a long neck.

Messy Trendy Bob Hairstyles With Oval Face Base

It is one of the common hairstyles preferred by models in fashion who have an oval face that can take the middle. It fits best on a medium-long, straight hair or a gentle wave, with shaggy layers started about halfway down the length of the head. The tips are textured to create the shape of a slightly rough, messy bob hairstyle and the back is slightly shorter so that you have a shaggy angle down the neck. Also if this is a simple, African American Bob hairstyle, the long cut layers have an enticing angled shape and if you style it from your forehead you can focus more on your head.

Curly long bob hairstyles and dark hair highlights

Want to wear African American hairstyles to be highly impactful for a special event or as a chic daily hairstyle? Take a look at this super-calm bob with lots of asymmetries and an incredible blonde-yellow comparison. It’s high on our list of famous Spring / Summer hairstyles, as a totally fresh bob and color. It is suitable for straightened hair, cut in a steep angle with a stacked back to end in sweet, slanty curls just past the shoulder level. The side-part produces a stunning wave across the hairline in this woman’s stunner, perfect for the round, triangular, heart- and elegant hands!

Curly Bob Hairstyles And Blonde Black Hair Highlights

So my last Black women’s chic Bob hairstyle of this week is this stunning, asymmetrical bob haircut in profile view! Here is another beautiful black-and-blonde bob hairstyle extreme asymmetry for black women. Look at the adorable rings on either side of the neck and the crisp, contrasting the two colors creating fabulous 3D depths of color with texture! This beautiful pattern in the African American hairstyle suits oval, rectangular, slim, and heart-shaped faces, full of bright, contrasting textures and colors! (Unfortunately, not round ones, like mine!)

And what you have to do now is consider which of those fashionable bob hairstyles to look perfect for the black ladies – to take the next trip to the show!

Bob’s African American women’s haircuts and beautiful designs. Cut bobs with short, moderate, or long lengths into or weave them. Curly, texture, straight, blunt, stacked, asymmetrical, wavy, medium, and banged designs.