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Being a woman from an African background and a woman of colour, often I have face discrimination against and seen people who feel that fashion and African women are not just possible. However, I like everything about fashion. It is my passion and I have always done my best to train in hairstyles and outfit and make up. I study in a private university at the moment and apart from being a lover of everything beautiful, I also enjoy every other aspect of life and believe in living healthy and enjoying every little things in life till the very end.

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Updos are hair arrangements that mostly preferred by business women, students, teachers and other professionals due the elegant look and practicality. [...]
Curly hair type is not easy to maintain. Additionally it would require more effort for applying a hairstyle to a curly hair. Therefore women with curl [...]
Our hair is invaluable and it is our duty to look after them well. With healthy hair, you can add value to your beauty and look better than ever. [...]
Undoubtedly the hair braids we have seen, are most often in the trends of 2019 hair models. Hair braids are quite successful in shaping your hair as w [...]
Those with long, thick hair are actually quite lucky. If your hair is thick, it does not mean that you want and you will not have a hairstyle that sui [...]
We saw the box braids more in classic style. Yes, you can insert box hair braids as you like, and you can create many different hairstyles from bo hai [...]
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